Thursday, July 31, 2008

My New Endeavour

Yep, you heard right. I am on a journey of sorts, and I will explain why I came to this conclusion.

I had been a vegetarian years ago(During my daughters pregnancy) and then fell off the wagon of sorts. I have missed being a vegetarian and longed to get back to the way I felt oh so long ago. My daughter decided, on her own, to become a vegetarian, about 6 years ago, all on her own. I supported her 100% and I had the knowledge to give her as well. So off she went and she began blazing a trail, and she has never looked back. She has had to defend her choices on more occasions that I care to count and she tries not to be rude when replying to these people, but they don't have the same respect towards her. They do not think of her feelings when they jump down her throat about why she is a vegetarin.

So, when I came home from recent spinal surgery, I had a bout of my stomach not doing well by me upon my return. This was put into motion by two events. 1) They prescribed me iron when I got home , and if you are not familiar with what iron does do your body, it plugs up your bowels terribly. This was not a supplement, but straight iron. So needless to say, things were not running smoothly. 2)Staying at my sisters and the way she eats just sent my stomach into more turmoil, and even when I got home and began eating better, it did not help. The damage had already been done.

I knew if I eliminated meat from my diet that things would run smoother. But again, the damage had been done, but I knew as I was trying to right my gut, that I definitely wanted to either cut out or severely cut down my meat consumption, and truth be told, I have not missed meat and I have not consumed any in four days. Now that may not sound like a lot to most folks but for us carnivores, it is a lifetime.

I feel rejuvenated, and happy about my endeavour and hope that I can succeed. If my 8&1/2 year daughter could do it way back when, then I can do it at 46.


Tara B. said...

Good for you!! Trust me, you wont miss meat a bit! Only once have I had a craving, and I caved in and felt so physically ill, I have never craved it again!!

IT is sad vegetarians have to defend their choice. Good for your Daughter for being strong. I at 39 only recently came out of the closet about my real reasons for being veggie(see my other blog, July archives(coming out of the closet) for details!

I dont ask or expect meat eaters to defend their choices, but I am constantly put on the defensive for mine!

Veggie food tastes so much better anyway, and is better for you! I have gone from a size 14 to size 2(although I am currently up to a 6 again, due to not taking martial arts classes since november!)and have never felt better physically!

Unless your buying only grass fed free range meat these days, your not getting very healthy meat anyways...who needs it??
Tara B

The Cooking Lady said...

Wow! I had seen Meatrix, and that is a good way to let children know without all the graphics how we get meat to our plate.

Then I watched Meet your Meat from Tara's 'other blog' and I was in tears. How can we think we have the right to do to those animals what is ebing done. Cruelty does not even began to describe what our meat industry is doing. And yet they are selling to us that these animals practically line up to be slaughtered. I am now more than ever determined to stick to my guns to be a vegetarian.

Tara, I will lbog here about my daughters journey to being a vegetarian. Her raod has been long and difficult.

That video had me in tears. And I told my daughter not to watch it, for she too would be crying way too much.

I will be blogging soon about our vegetarian journey!