Monday, September 22, 2008


Add in: The Patty Melt is not toasted bread...duh to me. It is grilled like a grilled cheese sandwich. It was my lovely husband who informed me, since he was the Denny's cook that I ended up marrying.

For those of you who read regularly, I have made the switch to vegetarianism (bows deeply to her adoring fans). But in doing so, I will openly admit to missing some things. And come on girls(And any guys who read and are vegetarians) that there is something you miss form the carnivore world.

Well, I miss hamburgers. Yep, the drippy messy ones that roll down the side of your arm and sometimes makes it all the way to your elbow. But rest assured, I am steadfast and resolute in leaving meat behind. So with that said, I am exposing my daughter to three burgers I was in love with as am omnivore. And here they are for those who may want to try an new style(or old in some cases) of burger. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Circle D Burger

First off, I cannot take credit for this burger. This was a popular burger when I worked at Denny's in the early 80's(Cringes at that number) and I don't remember if it was a grand seller, but I loved it. I would order that thing every shift I worked...morning shifts included. So I hope you ladies(And men) enjoy this burger.

Hamburger buns(Whole wheat preferred)
Burgers of choice(we use Boca Burgers mostly, but will purchase many different ones to try)
Slice of cheese(we use cheddar)
Onions(Grilled, they must be grilled)
BBQ sauce**
Condiments of your own choosing
Cook/grill your burger as you see fit or follow thee instructions. Place the slice of cheese on the burger so you get a good melt. Then start to construct your burger. Add condiments as you see fit. The burger goes on(with cheese) then your grilled onions, and then the BBQ sauce. Place the top bun and have at it.
**Due to the fact that I have given up HFCS, I no longer purchase store bought BBQ. So if any of you ladies have one form your recipe cards, I am all ears.

Burger Italiano

Another burger from my days as a Denny's waitress(which is how I met my husband), but this one is on the simpler side.

1 slice of Sourdough bread(I actually buy the packaged bread for this. Yeah I know, but we all choose our battles, so for a once a year burger...I digress)
Burger of choice
Spaghetti sauce
Slice of mozzarella cheese
Cook your burger, and while doing so toast your bread. You can use left over spaghetti sauce our use jarred, again, your choice. Lay toast on your plate, place burger on toasted bread, then ladle on your heated spaghetti sauce, and top with mozzarella cheese. This is an open faced sandwich but oh so good.

Patty Melt

I know some of you are Ooohing and Ahhhhing. This brings back so many memories, so I hope you enjoy this as much as I have over the years.

2 slices of rye bread(I have made it from scratch but we are out of rye berries, so store bought it is)
Burger of your choice
Grilled onions
American cheese for this one is my choice, but use what works for you
Cook your burger as you see fit with your cheese. Place on toasted rye bread and add the grilled onions and slap on your condiments. This has to be one of my classic favorites.

***As always, vegans do your thing and use your vegan alternatives. And as always, enjoy!!



Grilled onions and BBQ sauce sound GREAT in a VEGAN burger.

River said...

The patty melt sounds so good right now (lunch time!). I bet it would be good with black bean patties and "American style" rice cheese! YUM!