Monday, September 22, 2008

They Did What?

OK, I will openly admit I am by no means a chocolate fan. All of you ladies please close your mouths now. That is not to say I wont try it, but if I have a slice of cheesecake in front of me and a slice of chocolate cake. I am all over that cheesecake, calories be damned. (Sorry, I usually don't swear)

But I came across a blog recently that has me mortified for all you chocolate lovers. Hershey has decided to eliminate cocoa butter from many of their candies. Read the article here. I read most of the article to my daughter(Who could not live with out her chocolate) and she was austered for sure. How dare her chocolate company do that to her and not send her a personalized letter(An E-mail would have sufficed), but no, she has to hear it via a web-blog I read. The More, The Messier went off on Hershey, and as well she should. How dare they attempt to pull the wool over our eyes. Just read Messier's blog and you will see why she feels like she does. No one likes to be lied to.


River said...

They've got some nerve! How dare they not communicate their intentions to Savanah ! I am appalled! :P

Skippy said...

This is a complete outrage!
I say we no I say we just send them tons of angry letters saying how messed up this is. I mean after all these years NOW the decide to switch over to the new stuff? Total and utter craziness. I for one am appauled, if they change the classic Hershey bar...all hope will be lost.