Thursday, September 11, 2008

Who Are They Kidding

I had seen the first commercial and just could not believe it, then my daughter told me there was a second commercial, and Wow, these people have brass ones. I mean come on. I am doing everything possible to rid my home of HFCS(High Fructose Corn Syrup) and these people come on and tell the world it is fine and dandy. Give me a break. And yet, there will be those who are sitting on the recliners with soda in hand and candy bar in another and say, You see honey, there ain't a thing wrong with that extra sugar stuff they are puttin' our food."

All the while, Bubba is 75 pounds overweight and desperately needs to visit the dentist.

I for one know that if it is factory made, then it does not fall under the category of being natural, at least not in my book. My girlfriend was the one who opened my eye to explain it to those who may not get it. And I already knew it, but explaining it without getting on a soapbox was beyond me...imagine that, me having problems getting off a soapbox.

My friend holds her hands out as if she were a scale, trying to balance two different things. then she says to said person, "Factory made, or nature made?" For this example she was referring to butter and margarine. He mothers doctor had told them years back to use artificial sweetener for their beverages and margarine *Shudders* for their fat as substitutes. I have not used margarine, which I was told was good for us...pfffft, in about 15 years.

We were on government help when I was pregnant with my daughter and we had access to butter. I have never looked back. Margarine...I get goose flesh. But to get back on topic, this organization is trying pawn off to thee unsuspecting public that HFCS is AOK. Helllooo, who are they trying to kid. I will tell you. The uneducated who sit and use the television as their source of information. If it's on the news, it must be right. Think again Bubba. It is sad to see that people buy into what the media tells them, and you have to wonder. Why isn't the media trying to uncover the truth? Are they afraid of the possible ramifications? I am glad that I am slowly but sure finding out what Big Brother is not telling us, and to know that I do have a mind of my own(Even if my children think otherwise) and can make decisions for myself.

Check out this farce of nutritional information. It is from the Corn Refiners.


River said...

Wow that site is like an April Fool's Day joke!

Have you seen the documentary King Corn?

Tam said...

Oh my heck! I can hear it now "it's made from corn, corn is good for you!" They must be taking a pretty good hit if they feel the need to market it like that! I say marketing like this makes me very glad we don't have any sort of television reception at our house! ;)

The Cooking Lady said...

Tam, that is EXACTLY what they are saying in the commercial. Wait til you ladies see it. Ick! I swear it, and then you will stare at the TV in disbelief. Just wait.

And no River, we have not seen it, but it is on our Netflix Q. I am looking forward to seeing it.

Tara B. said...

Oh you gotta see King Corn!! Also if you haven't already, read Michael Pollen's books!

Corn syrup is my BIG rant these days, the crap is in EVERYTHING!! It just about kills me(literally) to eat the stuff, we're talking emergancy room!

It is hard to avoid without shopping at expensive health food stores. They stick that stuff in mayo, catsup, spag. sauce, jelly, you name it....bread even??

Just bad stuff...period..

The Cooking Lady said...

*Places hands over la la, I'm not listening*

I know it is in everything and we are slowly ridding the door of our frig of this stuff, but that is thee hardest part of my kitchen to let go of processed foods. But we will get there. Small moves.(I got that line from the movie Contact)

And Tara, I have heard about Pollen on more than one occasion, so if you mention him, then I should get my buttocks to the library and check him out...literlaly and figuratively.