Saturday, September 6, 2008

Yummy Brownies

Savanah(My daughter) made these fab-u-loso brownies tonight. Now, I found this via Nikki. She has tons of bloggers she reads so I scan her roll sometimes, or her replies and Viola...I found River. Now, for those of you who follow this blog, you know that my daughter is a vegetarian, but not a vegan, but we try anything and we will even vege-tize a meat dish, if we can.

So, when I came across these brownies at Wing it Vegan well...that was right up my daughter alley. She is the one with the sweet tooth. so we had all thee ingredients and there you have it, yummy brownies. The only difference was we had crunchy peanut butter and the recipe called for smooth. We adapted. But smooth peanut butter is on our list for the next shopping list.

These did not grab hubby so much. Too bad, so sad, more for me and Nana. Hah! And get this, my daughter put the peanut butter frosting bowl in the kitchen sink before she offered me to lick it clean. That's it she is grounded for a month. Thee only time she will come out is too cook them brownies again. Just kidding.

Savanah and I sat at lunch this afternoon and tried to figure out how many new dishes we make in a given month. And we came up with about one per week, give or take. now these new dishes do not have to be main courses. They can be soups...thanks Tam. Desserts...thanks River, and to the many others we have borrowed or adapted recipes from.

I love my new found world of blogging, and more so with my cooking blog. I am enjoying foods I never thought I would try and or like. So, to all my fellow bloggers, thanks for what you have given me and my family, even if you did not know you were helping us out!

Now go cook something!!

P.S. We have not tried the corn dog recipe as of yet, for Savanah and I have eaten all of our veggie dogs this week. They will definitely be on the list and we cannot wait to fry this up. I have had a hankerin' for some fried food, so here is my chance.


River said...

I'm so glad you liked the brownies! Thank you so much for posting your review of them!

It's so awesome that you support your daughter's choices. And then she turns around and doesn't ask you if you want to lick the frosting bowl clean? Unforgivable! :)

Tara B. said...

Oh my, with the peanut butter frosting, these look too good not to try...will be whipping them up as soon as we finish our chocloate/mocha cake and peanut butter cookies from yesterday!

The Cooking Lady said...

Go ahead Tara, just rub it in. But I still like you cuz you gave us that great Lentil Soup...if not you would be out on your heels. Hah!!