Thursday, September 18, 2008

Corn Dogs, Brownies and Salad... Oh My

Well, I have tried to post this at least 4 times, but my main computer does not like Blogger, go figure. So my daughter has let me borrow hers while she takes a break form her online highschool courses(That was tough for her, thanks Savanah). As I am embracing this vegetarian lifestyle, I promised myself I would not fall into the same old routine and make the same boring dishes. In walks the blogging world.

I thought life was grand with just the Internet, but low and behold, we have the blogging world, and man oh man has my recipe book gotten a wee bit fatter. And that is a good thing. My daughter likes having meat analogs handy for that rare emergency occasion that there is nothing to eat(Very rare in this house, since we do not eat out). And we know that those foods are processed. And we also know that if she chooses to stay with meat analogs that she will have to put up with some processed foods. With that said, we are trying to find ways to cut down on processed foods in general and we have found a way to do that. A big round of applause for Wing it Vegan. She has given us some wonderful recipes. We use our dairy where she uses her vegan ingredients, but man, are her dishes fantastic.

Two in particular that are a big hit are These Two. If you have not made these two recipes, then get off your hineys from reading this blog and go make them. Corn dogs and meal is complete. We threw in our Asian Slaw salad and bada boom bada bing, life is grand. I am extremely glad I entered the blogging world, but moreso with this blog. I have learned so much about new and different foods, and the support form fellow vegetarians is unbelievable.

Thank you River and keep the recipes coming!!


River said...

Aww, Cooking Lady, I'm blushing! You're WAY too nice! Thank you for the wonderful shout-out:)

I'm so glad you liked the corndogs too! And guess what a weird coincidence... we had them for dinner tonight too! Are we living parallel food lives? Spooky!

Hey, I made your awesome oatmeal pancake recipe! They were so freakin' good that I had to make a second batch so I could keep them frozen in case of a pancake emergency! Thank you for a great recipe!

The Cooking Lady said...

Hey River, if you think those were good, wait until I post my 3 Grain Pancakes. these by far are my husbands favorite of all the pancakes I cook and I cook them about 2 times a week.

I should have the recipe up some time tomorrow. I will label them under pancakes. Sit back for the three grain will knock your socks off. You may have to triple batch these. TTFN!

River said...

I've got my mixing bowl ready - bring on the three grain pancakes!