Monday, September 15, 2008

This Is For You Moo-Moo

My daughter is a major inspiration to me. She may not know she is, but after reading, I am guessing she will find out. I tell her how proud I am of her and that she made such a major decision at 8&1/2 to become a vegetarian. Who does that? She does and did.

On September 1 I took a vegetarian challenge. which I swear I saw on some veggie blog, but for the life of me I do not remember where I saw it. It said something to thee effect to 'Take the Veggie Challenge'. So I did. I wanted to see if I could do the vegetarian lifestyle for one week, and save for a bite or two of steak off my sons plate, that one week has turned into two weeks ans darned if I don't give a rats backside if I eat meat again or not. I truly do not miss it the way I thought I would. I took a few bites off my sons plate, but it did not thrill me like it used to. Do I miss some meats? Darn skippy. when I smell a BBQ from someones backyard, I get a hankerin', but I have done it now, for two weeks. Ad there are some things I have discovered.

I am more tolerable of other peoples long as they respect mine. the minute they dog me about my choices, or throw me the lame tofu's on like Donkey Kong. I don't start attacking you about you eating dead animals, don criticize me for opting not. I am choosing a healthier lifestyle(Notice I did not say diet) and you have the brass ones to come down on me. I am little Miss Muffet, until you cross the line into my world, then we will definitely duke it out.

I cannot thank my daughter enough for setting me in a direction I am all too familiar with, but needed to be kicked in my complacency and find where I know I should be and feel like it is old home week.

We as vegetarians usually do not have to wait for our meat to defrost before we start dinner. throw some rice in the cooker, saute some veggies and that's dinner for me. While you poor carnivores are heating up an oven to cock the meatloaf for an hour. I am done and cleaning my kitchen. I am not on a crusade to convert...if you will all the meat eaters out there. Most people know about vegetarians. And you can see right off the bat if they are genuinely interested or it is their intent to ridicule. I do not have time for those people. they are closed minded and do not deserve my time. I have bigger fish to fry...I made a funny.

So to end this on an up note. Thank you to my wonderful daughter, who I fondly refer to as not ask!

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River said...

Great post! You have made it two weeks! Vegetarians are taking over the world... mwahaha!

Moo-moo... that's cute :)