Sunday, September 28, 2008

How Do Your Rate Dishes?

Me and Savanah are now walking on the wild side and trying new dishes as long as we have more than 80% of the ingredients. And we are having a BLAST. We made quesadillas on the stove top thanks to Tara AKA Cooking Simply , we were filled to the rim. We did substitute the black beans with kidney beans, but my tummy ain't a complainin'.

As we sat there eating our quesadillas, it hit me. It is so much easier for us to throw together a dinner. There is not much canned meat out there, but there is plenty of canned veggies, beans and even soup. But the guys in this house have to thaw out their meat and you have to plan in advance. Not us, we can throw together a meal lickety split.

Well, to the point of this post. Savanah and I rate the new dishes we make as:

1) A keeper-no explanation there
2) A tweaker-something that needs some work or changes but we can eventually keep
3) A tosser-It hits the skids and we never see it again

We were wondering how you girls(and guys) rate the new dishes you all try in your home. Let's hear it ladies.


River said...

We call the successful ones keepers too... like your extraordinary three grain pancakes! I made another batch today (third one), those things rock! :)

alaina said...

mmmm french lentil soup sounds great! as a texan i definitely sympathize with your lack of soup-eating/book-reading weather, haha.

also, i just thought i'd say that i've been homeschooled my entire life and loved it! i plan on homeschooling my kids if i ever have some.

Tara B. said...

Glad you liked those! Thanks for the mention!

Sorry I've been crummy about commenting lately. I visit often, but I've been so overwhelmed with that stupid virtual school it left no time for even my own blogging but alone anything else! But we're done with that, and I'M BACK!!! LOL:)