Sunday, September 14, 2008

Russian Dressing By Any Other Name

Some know this dressing as Thousand Island. But whatever you know this by I have found a homemade version of this. It is my goal to rid my frig of bottled dressings. I have a great Italian dressing, already on my blog and now I am going to add this one. My daughter and I happened upon this one while watching Ellie Krieger on the Food Network. Now I know the Food Network is not known for making veg friendly dishes and some you just can't cut out all the meat, but this was grand. And for you vegans, you can use your vegan friendly products. See...everyone is happy. So on to the dressing. Make it and enjoy!

Russian Dressing
1/3 cup yogurt(Greek was used by Ellie Krieger)
2T mayo
2T catsup(Yes I spell it that way)
2t white vinegar(We were out so we used rice wine and did fine)
2T chopped gherkins(We used sweet relish and did fine)
Mix all together and serve over any salad of your choice. This has good memories for me, for my mother is a huge fan of Thousand Island dressing and I now feel confident she will enjoy this whenever she visits. Enjoy!

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